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About seat covers

Our seat covers are made from top quality materials and are made from the original patterns of the listed vehicle. They fit like the original and are attached like the original - meaning if the old seat covers was installed with hog rings, our seat cover needs to be installed with hog rings. If the old seat covers installed with plastic J channels our seat covers will come with J channels.

We manufacture all the seat covers we sell from the point of order - meaning, when we receive orders for a seat cover, it goes to manufacturing. Shipping times for seat covers typically are in the 3 to 4 day range from point of order, depending on the amount of seat cover orders in manufacturing. Occasionally, it may be 7 or 8 days from the point of order before a seat cover ships, due to the amount of orders in manufacturing.

We usually keep materials stocked for your seat cover manufacturing, but occasionally we run out of stock of the material type or color ordered. In this case the material is ordered and when it arrives, the seat cover is made; in this case shipping times would typically be between 5 or 6 days.

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