Standard sized minivan headliner kit

Select the color for your headliner
1600 White 1625 Off White 2037 oatmeal headliner sample 2144 shale 1897 Antelope headliner sample 2002 Lt Neutral 2224 light parchment 1673 Yellow 1771 Desert Tan 2183 light oak 1828 Sand Beige 1755 Saddle 2013 lt driftwood 2188 Chestnut 1787 Beechwood 1726 nutmeg 2081 Med Neutral 1770 Cadet Blue 1787 Dark Brown 1688 Char Blue 1999 lapis blue 1665 Dark Blue 1747 Light Quicksilver 2173 Light Gray 1891 Light Gray 2005 Medium Gray 1784 Sand Grey 2095 Light Opal 1883 Charcoal 2001 Graphite 1559 Black 1998 Ruby (dark red) 1855 Garnet 1865 Cordovan 1666 Claret 2350 ebony flatknit 2325 dove grey flatknit 2335 light neutral flatknit
Choose your adhesive options (1 3M included with kit)
If choosing visor option, ship your visors to WLS Headliners, 36 Talmadge Dyal Road, Hazlehurst GA 31539. We will wait for your visors to come, then ship headliner and visors back together to you.
Set of unlighted visors Set of lighted visors Set of double visors
Select the amount of extra yardage of headliner
Not required - but it helps us get you the right kit
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The minivan headliner kit is for replacing headliners in the Dodge Caravan, Voyager and Town & Country, Ford Aerostar, Honda and Toyota minivans (the standard versions of these minivans). If you have a grand or large minivan, this is the kit your would need. It also replaces the headliner in station wagons, such as the Buick Estate Wagon, Lesabre Estate Wagon and Pontiac Safari Wagon. This kit comes with 108 inches of 60 inch wide headliner material, one 3m advanced headliner spray adhesive, and generalized instructions. It would be wise to purchase a 2nd adhesive when replacing the headliner in larger vehicles.

We have some online tutorials that will show you how to use this kit; you can look at them by clicking on this link. The time it takes to install a headliner kit like this would be approximately 3 to 4 hours. You can choose the options you want for your headliner kit from the option list.

Note: the sunvisor option is for those who want to ship their visors to us for recovering; so the headliner and visors will match perfectly. If you should choose the visor option; we will wait to ship the headliner kit with your new visors after we have recovered them. You can get more information about our visor option by following this link.

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