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Car headliner kits

Replacement headliner kits for all cars with cloth headliner. WLS Headliners has kits that will replace the headliner in all domestic and foriegn cars. We have all the colors that will match any car headliner and offer headliner kits in 16 different sizes; so that you will get the right kit for your car, truck or suv.

The headliner kit will fit compact cars, mid sized cars like BMW's or Buick Le Sabre's. The kit will work for all Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Mazda,...
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The full sized car headliner kit is for the larger body style cars like most luxury cars. This kit will work for Lincoln, Cadillacs, Chrysler 5th Avenue,...
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This headliner kit is packaged for cars that has a sunroof like BMW, Jaguar, Saab, Volvo and Audi or Infiniti cars. We have included this type of kit so...
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headliner samples
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