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  Intallation instructions for replacing the headliner in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee. This is a step by step guide to replacing the headliner in a Jeep Cherokee, it will work for 1984 through 1996 Jeep Cherokees, because they are all basically the same, with the exception of a little variation in the accessories attached through the headliner board (like center consoles, etc.). This Jeep Cherokee Sport had the speakers in the headliner at the rear of the vehicle, it came down with the headliner board. The color we used on this Jeep Cherokee headliner was 2095 opal and the kit that will replace this headliner can be found at this link: jeep cherokee headliner kit.

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bad sag in the old Jeep Cherokee headliner Whew, what a mess of a bag in this 1994 Jeep Cherokee headliner, if it wasn't for the dome lights, it would have blown out the window a long time ago. Not a problem though, a couple of hours and it will look like new again. This Jeep Cherokee had 2 rear speakers in a abs shell at the rear of the vehicle. The dome light and side trim held it in place. The speakers had to be unplugged to remove it.
For this one, you will need a torx T20 and T50(for seat belt mounting brackets).
what a mess a baggy headliner is Another shot of how the headliner in this Jeep Cherokee had turned completely loose. We didn't have to pull at this one to get it off, it fell off when we removed the dome lights and visors!
jeep cherokee rear headliner speakers You can get a good view of what the speaker box looks like at the rear of some of the Jeep Cherokees, we recovered this with 15 inches of headliner material, plus the 82 inches it took to do the headliner in this Cherokee, the Cherokee headliner kit works for the whole thing.
removing the headliner board from 1994 jeep cherokee sport This is a shot just to show how the headliner comes out, the rear gate is the easy way (which most people would figure out quickly).
cleaning the headliner board free from the old foam The headliner board in this Jeep Cherokee is made of the softer fiberglass with a thin layer of plastic over it - care needs to be taken when cleaning a headliner board like this so as not to peel up the plastic film. Use soft bristled brush to remove the old foam.
putting the new headliner material on the headliner board of the jeep cherokee sport When recovering the headliner board, either do it 1/2 at a time, or you can do about 1/3 at a time. It may be wise the first time; doing it about 1/2 of the board at a time. To do this; lay the material on the headliner board and fold about 1/3 of it back to apply the adhesive. Adhesive goes on material and board.
rear headliner speaker mount in 1994 Jeep Cherokee sport The speaker mount at the rear of the headliner in the Jeep Cherokee is recovered, to do this, remove the old headliner material, clean it up, remove the speaker covers (not speakers) and put the new material on it.
headliner replaced and looking good in 94 Jeep Cherokee When headliner board and speaker box is finished for Jeep Cherokee, put it back just like it came out and I believe you will be pleased with how it all turned out.
complete new interior in the 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport This 1994 Jeep Cherokee got a little more than a headliner in our trim shop, the seats and the carpet were replaced. It looked like a new vehicle when it left, at least on the inside.
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