2002 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner board replacement instructions, repair the headliner in Tahoe, replace Tahoe headliner
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The automobile in this headliner replacement tutorial is a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe. The headliner wasn't dropping down; instead someone had burned a hole in the headliner cloth and headliner board on the front passengers side. There isn't really much that can be done about something like this, because there were several burns in an area of 6 or 8 inches, so the owner decided to replace the headliner. The Tahoe is a big SUV with a big headliner, but with some care and instructions; it isn't that hard. What would make this one look hard is all the stuff in the top and the size of the board.
The headliner kit for a large SUV (Suburban/Blazer/Tahoe kit) will fit the Chevrolet Tahoe. The color of this headliner is 1904 light charcoal.
02 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner 02 Chevrolet Tahoe control panel
You can see in this picture the problem with the 2002 Tahoe headliner - burn holes. The most difficult part of the job with removing the headliner from the Chevrolet Tahoe is all the stuff that attaches through the board. The control panels have wiring harnesses that simply unplug, and most are held up by clips and screws. The front panel is held by 1 screw in the front and 2 clips toward the back of the vehicle.
02 Chevrolet Tahoe control panel 02 Chevrolet Tahoe grab handle
This is another shot of the front panel. The grab handle over the passenger door of the Tahoe is held in with plastic plugs. Pry the plug out and the handle will come loose. Leave it in the headliner board until you get it out, then you can remove it completely.
02 Chevrolet Tahoe door post trim 02 Chevrolet Tahoe door post grab handle
This is a shot of the side trim, all have clips. There is really no need to remove them completely, just pop the clips from the top so that you can work the headliner board from under the trim. These grab handles are bolted into the door post, I believe that it is a 3/8 or 10 mm socket that will remove them.
02 Chevrolet Tahoe center control panel 02 Chevrolet Tahoe trim plugs
This is a picture of the center control panel, pry the control box out with a small screwdriver or something, and you will see 2 torx screws, the end toward the front of the vehicle has 2 clips. There are 3 exposed plastic trim plugs that need to be removed.
02 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner board wiring harnesses 02 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner board removed
Once all this is loosened and removed, slide the headliner board to the right (drivers side) to remove it from the air conditioner duct which is fed up on the back right door post (as seen in the picture below). The headliner board in the Chevrolet Tahoe has air conditioner duct work built into it and it slides over the duct below. When you remove the headliner board, you remove the duct work also. To remove the air conditioning vents from the headliner board, turn the vent housing 1/4 turn to the left When you get the headliner board down, you have to pull the "glued down" wiring up. The wiring does not come out with the headliner board. When replacing the headliner, simply lay the wiring back on top of the board, it doesn't really need to be glued down again. The board comes out the back of the vehicle. It is wide at the back, so an easy way to remove it is to put your head in the center and pull down on both sides until it will slide by the rear body (or something like that). We're from the deep south, our head is a tool too. Remove what few items are left in the headliner board, and recover it; starting at the center and working out to the ends about 2 feet at a time. When trimming the excess, it would be wise to leave about 1/4 inch tail, and you can tuck this around the edges once you get it back in the vehicle.
02 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner air conditioner duct 02 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner board replaced
A shot of the feeder duct for the headliner air conditioning duct work. Replace it back just like it came out, and it is perfect again.
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2002 Chevrolet Tahoe headliner replacement, replace the headliner in a Tahoe, removing headliner board from Chevy Tahoe