S10 Fixing auto sunvisors by replacing the material.
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WLS Headliners
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These visors came out of a Dodge Dakota truck. The visor style is--the material folded over and glued and then sewn together.
Step 1
This is a visor that has seen it's better days.
Step 2
Remove the mounting post and anything else that may get in the way when it is sewn. Use a knife or razor blade to cut the threads
Step 3
Open the visor and remove the cardboard form inside. (the cardboard is for rigidity)
Step 4
Remove the material and clean the deterioated foam off the cardboard case.
Step 5
Glue the material to the visor and trim it; leaving about 1 to 1 1/2 inches to fold over and glue.
Step 6
Fold over and glue and put the heavy cardboard core back inside the visor.
Step 7
Fold it together again; making sure that it is even around the edges and then sew it. The seam should be about 3/8 inch.
Step 8

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