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Buick Regal headliner installation guide

Below is a 1987 Buick Regal in need of some help up top. I replaced this headliner in 30 minutes and used only a phillips head screwdriver, pliers, sheet, wisk broom, and a headliner kit. This is the quickest and easiest way to replace a headliner and still get professional results. There are four basic steps and they will work for any automobile. If you have a tear, hole or rip in your headliner cloth; you can also use the kit to replace it...just glue over the other cloth. A small to mid sized car headliner kit will do this car, 2165 gray is the color.

Step 1
Remove the visors and anything else that may be attached through the headliner.
Step 1
I removed the dome light; but it is not necessary. The material can be cut so as to tuck the excess under the light. (recommended to take it out)
Step 2
Place a sheet over the seats and anything else that you can cover. It can be held in place by anything that is heavy enough to hold a sheet. This keeps interior clean.
Step 2
Remove the old cloth and scrape the board standing outside the car with a household brush (softbristled or grill brush).
Step 2
When finished with the brush...use a wisk broom or something similiar to remove the dust that may be left on the board.
Step 3
Fold the material in half..lay on hood if nothing else to lay it on and spray adhesive on it. Spray on headliner board also.
Step 4
Glue the headliner up...half at a time and then trim and tuck excess under the trim. (leave about one inch when trim)
Step 4

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