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How do i remove headliner from 90 lincoln town car?

How do i remove headliner from 90 lincoln town car?

Lincoln, Mercury, and many other cars started gluing their headliner boards to the top of the car with some mighty strong glue. When you remove the trim; they don't just fall down like they do in most cars. To get these down; remove the trim so it will come out; then pull the edge down downward to see what's going on in there; and pry it loose with your hand; it is glued to the top with urethane type of adhesive, something like is used with installing windshields.

At times it may look like you may will rip the board in half; but these boards are tough and will take a lot of abuse. At any rate; it has to come out!!!!

You can view a 1994 lincoln town car headliner installaton, but clicking on this link.


Somehow You will remove it from the top, but You DONT remove it from a car outside without removing windshield :D
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