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How do I remove the headliner in my 95 camaro in order to fix it?

How do I remove the headliner in my 95 camaro in order to fix it or can it be done in place. I dont see how to remove the body trim so that the headliner board will drop down.

We have a couple of headliner replacement guides for the Chevrolet Camaro cars on our site. You can take a look at these 2 and probably find what you are looking for - all in all, the Camaro headliner is a fairly simple headliner installation and it would make the job much simpler by removing the headliner board from the car instead of trying to recover the headliner board in the Camaro. The first one can be found by folling this link, this is a stanadard Camaro car (without t-tops) and the second one can be found at this link, a Camaro with t-tops.


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