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I have a 1989 volvo 760 turbo with a sliding sun roof, the whole headliner is sagging.

I have a 1989 volvo 760 turbo with a sliding sun roof. the whole headliner is sagging. What do I have to order to replace the headliner?

Remove the headliner board from your Volvo 760; (like we have done in all these vehicles), then remove the old material, clean the board, and then reapply the new headliner. The sunroof is a separate fixture apart from the headliner board itself. They work together, but they are each their own entity. The headliner board will come out without removing the sunroof assembly, but if you want to recover the sunroof slider, the sunroof mechanism must be unbolted so that it will come out. The headliner replacement in a Volvo isn't the hard part, it's replacing that small piece of headliner material on the sunroof cover.


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