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I have a 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 3.8. The headliner has to be replaced.

I have a 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 3.8. The headliner has to be replaced. What do you recommend? How do I replace and install a headliner?


The 1994 Ford Thunderbird has a cardboard headliner with a hard foam core, the best that I can remember from the last one that was done at our shop. It is a relatively easy headliner board to take out of the car and clean the old headliner/foam off the board - however we don't have an online guide for this particular model.

What we would recommend would be to take the headliner board out of the car, clean it up and replace it with a small to mid sized car headliner kit - this kit should work great for the 94 Thunderbird. You can use a wire grill brush on the headliner board to remove all the old foam residue. If for some reason it has some other type of headliner board than cardboard/foam core - you may want to use a soft bristled brush. The process is the same as our online guides show - only with a different model car. The headliner board is removed, cleaned, recovered with new headliner material, and then reinstalled in the car exactly the way it came out. That should get it looking like new again.


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