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I just removed my existing headliner and the foam by brushing and vacuuming

I just removed my existing headliner and the foam by brushing and vacuuming. The board is in good shape and smooth but there is a sticky residue left on it. I suspect it is a combination of old glue and possible some foam rolled in. There was no "dust" when I brushed the old foam off. It came rolling off in clumps. How do I (or do I need to) remove the stickiness to make sure the new headliner adheres A brush or even lightly sanding does nothing for the stickiness.

This residue is; as you said, a mixture of old foam and glue. You need to get as much of it off the headliner board as you can. The more of it you can get off, the better the adhesion of the other glue. It will be next to impossible to get it all off, but a little wisk broom or something like that will do wonders. We usually use a little wisk broom and then blow it off with the air hose, then wisk it some more and blow some more. Eventually it will be clean enough to put the new headliner material back on.

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