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Restoring auto sun visors

These visors came out of a Dodge Dakota truck. The visor style is folded at the edges and sewed; this is how the sun visors are finished off. This style is used a lot in cars and trucks. Another style of visors is tucked into the seam of the visor around the perimeter to finish them off.


Step 1
This is a visor that has seen it's better days.
Step 2
Remove the mounting post and anything else that may get in the way when it is sewn. Use a knife or razor blade to cut the threads
Step 3
Open the visor and remove the cardboard form inside. (the cardboard is for rigidity)
Step 4
Remove the material and clean the deteriorated foam off the cardboard case.
Step 5
Glue the material to the visor and trim it; leaving about 1 to 1 1/2 inches to fold over and glue.
Step 6
Fold over and glue and put the heavy cardboard core back inside the visor.
Step 7
Fold it together again; making sure that it is even around the edges and then sew it. The seam should be about 3/8 inch.
Step 8

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Ok, more challenging. 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk

WLS Admin: Maybe you would like to look at some of these -
I am not certain we can recover the civic visors, if they are heat seamed instead of tucked, stitched or glued - it is doubtful we can recover them. We would need to see a pic of them.


I have a 99 civic with sunvisors that have deteriorated fabric. Are you set up to professionally cover them if I sent them to you and how much to do so? Thank you
Used a little of the info to do a 2000 Ram 2500. The Ram had teeth, around 3 of the edges, that hold the fabric when it is tucked between the teeth. The light had to be unsnapped with a screwdriver blade, unsnapping 3 tabs, on the bottom edge. I had to sew the fabric at the latch part of the visor.
Send us your visors, and we will use them for an example for you. You can also view some of the visors we have reconditioned at this link -
Excellent post for a simple visor. Thanks.

Now how about creating a post showing how to take apart one that is a little more challenging - say a Dodge Neon R/T sun visor that has both a lighted mirror on one side AND a slide out extender on the other. The core is a plastic clamshell type with teeth that does not need sewing. Show how to get one of those apart without breaking it, and that will be something!
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