Due to a large amount of classic car headliner orders -- the orders placed now for theĀ  classic car headliners may be delayed by 3 to 4 days (meaning it may take 3-4 days to ship). Our team is working tirelessly to meet the demand; we should be back to normal within a week or so. It may also be hard to get through on the phone during this time.

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Do you need to have a headboard to put up the headliner material?

Do you need to have a headboard to put up the material or can you just stick the material up there?

Occasionally we do a headliner in a vehicle that does not have a headliner board. We glue the headliner material straight to the top of the vehicle, (top meaning the metal). It works good enough; however you do have to figure out a way to trim off the edges so that it looks good. With most vehicles that don't have a headliner board, you can tuck the edge under the glass rubber, door rubbers and so on.


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