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We here at WLS Headliners have answered 1000's of questions from our customers over the years about their car, truck or whatever headliners. These are some of the questions and answers that we managed to save - maybe they will help you with your question.

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  1. I have a 1985 Jaguar xj12 with a sagging headliner, it seems like the board is sagging..
  2. I have a sagging board in my 1985 XJ6 Jaguar. Should I replace the board with the headliner?
  3. I want to replace my headliner with another fabric. Is there any way to use normal fabric instead of actual headliner fabric.
  4. Do i have to buy material with the foamed back for the headliner. Will it stay if i do not use that type material.
  5. If I use a different fabric than headliner fabric how would I go about installing it?
  6. Your website offers a great explanation of how-to but my question is before re-covering.
  7. I have an xtype 2002 with 94K and a couple weeks ago I noticed the cloth on the roof is sagging a little..
  8. Is $500.00 a good price for replacing the headliner and headliner boards in a 2002 Jaguar?
  9. Does the headliner kit come with new foam?
  10. I was wondering what kind of material the Honda, Toyota, Nissan original headliner kit was made of?
  11. I have a 95 Ranger with a gray headliner. How do I know which color material to order?
  12. Do you need to have a headboard to put up the headliner material?
  13. I have a 1999 Land Rover Discovery II. I am replacing the headliner material and I can't figure out..
  14. I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX. The door panel lists the interior color as Light Beige..
  15. I have a 2002 Nissan Xterra, how wide do I need and what material do you recommend?
  16. I have a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT that the interior was listed as the color Saddle.
  17. I would like to know if you carry the old headliner material as in the fifties.
  18. I have an 87 buick century limited, how can I determine the color of the headliner material?
  19. Could you please tell me what color headliner material to order for a 1990 Olds 98?
  20. I have purchased head liner kits from you before for a 1997 VW Passat. It worked very well
  21. Which color headliner should I use for a 2002 Toyota Camry with an ivory/light tan colored material?
  22. I need to know if you have headliner material that is 1/2 inch or better thick?
  23. What color headliner material do I need for: 2001 bmw e38 740il? The car is jet black exterior with sand beige interior.
  24. How do you estimate the yardage for headliner material?
  25. What is the best type of glue to use on a headliner?
  26. I just did my headliner and someone told me that super 77 would be fine so did i use the wrong glue?
  27. Will using an adhesive remover on the headliner board & wiping it clean cause the new adhesive not to stick?
  28. Is there a trick to getting the interior trim off a 1990 chevy pickup without breaking it?
  29. I can not tell the color of my headliner for a 1993 chevy S10 standard cab. What do you suggest?
  30. I have a 87-88 Buick lesabre 4 door sedan. Which headliner kit shall I purchase?
  31. Have a W reg 2000 Honda Shuttle that needs the interior roof cloth replacing.
  32. How do you replace a headliner on a 2001 chrysler town and country?
  33. I need to replace the headliner on a 1993 Cadillac STS with factory sunroof.
  34. I have a 1968 Ford Bronco that has no headliner in it at all..
  35. I have a 94 Saturn and would like to know what is the best way to remove the headliner?
  36. I want to replace a headliner in a 1992 saturn 4-door,foam is dry-rotted,and bare metal showing..
  37. What color blue headliner should I order for a 1990 Toyota Corolla?
  38. Do you have a headliner kit for 94 oldsmobile 88 headliner?
  39. Need to remove the headliner from a chevy astro van to install a ladder rack.
  40. I want to recover the headliner in my 2000 Ford Excursion. After measuring it appears that 64" wide material...
  41. Attempting to replace a headliner in my 1997 Dodge Dakota, taking out the clothing hook mounts in back, please advise?
  42. My 68 buick does not have a headliner board, it has rods, how do we fix this?
  43. Will new headliner cure the steady flow of dust from my 1997 Buick headliner?
  44. How do I remove the head liner from my 2001 honda civic lx?
  45. I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The interior has light grey headliner, what color do I need?
  46. When i took the old headliner material off my board part of the paper like facing came off with it. Will the board still be usable or how can I fix it?
  47. I have a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country with a sagging headliner.

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