The samples colors are much more accurate when viewed with a high definition screen, like a newer smart phone. You can order samples here.
Flatknit headliner material doesn't have the knap (slight felt look) to it that the standard headliner fabric does.

Some colors may be out of stock due to supply chain disruptions resulting from covid 19 lockdowns. If you see it here, and it's not on the option list of a product, it is out of stock.
1600 white
2378 aura pearl flatknit
2037 oatmeal
2144 shale
2002 light neutral
1897 antelope
1854 chestnut
2127 saddle tan
1908 crystal blue
1690 dark blue
2173 light graphite
1891 light grey
2005 medium grey
1784 sand grey
2483 charcoal flatknit
1559 black
1998 dark ruby
2325 dove grey flatknit
2363 light cashmere flatknit
2350 black flatknit
2335 light neutral flatknit