How do you estimate the yardage for headliner material?

How do you estimate the yardage for material? For example, i wish to order some camo fabric and i need a piece 52x84 inches minimum.

The headliner material, standard or camoflauge comes in 60 inch widths. So you would need 84 inches of material. This would leave approximately 4 inches of overhang on each side, but it can be trimmed with scissors. 84 inches of material equals 2.33 yards, so you would either need 21/2 or 3 yards of material.


How much for a 2004 fx4 ford f150 ..I have middle railings on the inside ?
How much do I need for a 1997 Dodge Ram 2500
How many yards would I need for an 07 LTZ Tahoe?

To be sure you have enough - 3.5 yards. [WLS Admin]
How much would I need for a 2001 Honda CR-V.

I would say around 3 yards for that vehicle. WLS Admin
How much for a 2091 Honda Civic LX sedan?

WLS Admin - the small to mid sized kit should work for this car. $56.75
How many yards for a 96 xlt bronco headliner?

-- I am thinking maybe a yard and a half, because only the front section of the truck is covered, the rear is fiberglass and removeable.
How many yards would i need for a 1997 ford f150 ext cab?

Probably around 50 inches of headliner - 1 1/2 yards.
How much to do a 04 yukon?

Should be around 130 inches or so, the Suburban, Blazer, Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade Headliner Kit will work for you - WLS Admin
how much to do a base model dodge caravan not the grand

It takes approximately 3 yards of material for the standard minivan. [WLS Admin]
How many yards of headliner material would it take to do a '08 toyota tundra ?

Depends on whether its a standard cab, ext cab or double cab. The double cab would take around 72 inches (2 yards), the single cab would take around 62 inches, the standard cab about 45 inches or so.
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