My 68 buick does not have a headliner board, it has rods, how do we fix this?

My 68 buick does not have board behind the liner it has rods that run from side to side and then its stapled in front and back how do we fix this?

For those older cars, classic and antiques we call them; there is no headliner board. These have what is called a bowstyle or sewn in (sewn panel) headliner. They have several panels of fabric sewn together and are installed with metal rods through loops of material where the panels are sewn together. If you have one of these older cars (starting around 1978 and back), we may already have the one you are looking for - we do have the 1968 Buick, and if we don't have your car listed, then you can go here, online form you can fill in and we will manufacture a headliner for your classic car.


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