Attempting to replace a headliner in my 1997 Dodge Dakota, taking out the clothing hook mounts in back, please advise?

While attempting to replace a headliner in my 1997 Dodge Dakota, I am extremely frustrated at taking out the clothing mounts in the back. Would you please advise me as to how this can be done? Thanks!

The Dodge Dakota clothes hook is like a plug that plugs into a plastic mounting piece in the metal - pop the clothes hook part out (the hook itself) and it will detach from the roof of the truck. It doesn't come off the headliner board until you get the board out of the vehicle, it just detaches from the metal so you can remove the headliner board. Once you take the headliner board out of the truck; you can remove the assembly so you can recover the board. 

The base of the clothes hook assembly and the hook itself should come apart.

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