1959 to 1967 Gilbern GT replacement headliner

1959-67 Gilbern GT replacement headliner
Select the color for your headliner
2378 Aura Pearl (off white) 2483 Dark Grey 2350 Black 2325 Dove Grey 2334 Medium Grey Light Cashmere (tan)
Select the amount of extra yardage of headliner
Most cars take around 10 feet of windlace per door - 2 doors should be around 20 ft, etc.- if you need less, phone us
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1959 through 1967 Gilbern GT replacement headliner. The Gilbern GT headliner is made of cloth material (that has a thin layer of foam on the backside for added insulation), and has listing (cloth loop) sewn into it for rod installation in the car.

Select the options you want for your Gilbern GT from the list below. If we don't have your classic car headliner, go to this page and enter your information, our expert trimmers will make you a custom fit headliner for your car.

The 1959-67 Gilbern GT headliner has 5 panels - you should have 4 metal rods in your car for installation.