1985 Buick Lesabre headliner installation guide

This is a 1985 Buick Le Sabre with one more headliner attitude. This one did not even have the cloth bottom in the car...it was removed by the owner so he could see out of the rear view mirror, but in a short amount of time and a headliner kit, we made the interior much more pleasant to be in (and a lot less dusty). A full size headliner kit will do this car; click this link to go to the order page.


Step 1
STEP 1...Remove all the trim from the outside of headliner and sunvisors. It is a good rule of thumb to start removing the trim from front to back. (what I'm saying is don't start in the middle...but have a pattern--it makes it simpler)
Step 1
Sometimes you may not have to take the trim completely off...if you can slide the headliner board from side to side and work it out from under the trim; it will make the job easier. NOTE...it is a good rule not to take the front molding (next to windshield) off. The board can be slid back out from under it, and it will save time.
Step 2
STEP 2...This allows the headliner board to drop freely down so it can be removed from the automobile.
Step 3
STEP 3...98% of all car headliner boards are removed through the passenger side door (one exception is the Jaguar, rear driver door).
Step 4
STEP 4...To remove the board, simple twist it toward the passenger door. Some will go willingly and some may have to be man handled; but remember to treat her like a lady because she is a bit tender.
Step 5
STEP 5...The board should be completely cleaned of the old foam using a household brush (my preference) or grill brush. (you don't have to remove the old glue; it is almost impossible)
Step 6
STEP 6...Now place the material on the board allowing for about equal excess on each side; fold back at the middle and spray both the board and the foam side of the material with the aresol glue. (a good even coat)
Now fold the material down over the board and rub it out (press cloth against board) with the palm of your hand.
Step 7
STEP 7...Your finished headliner should look something like this. Now trim the excess headliner fabric from the edges of the board, and cut holes for the visors, clothes hooks, etc.
Step 8
STEP 8...Replace the headliner the same way it came out and line it up using the holes you cut for the visors. Replace all the trim and you should have a finished product like this.

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