1986 Camaro headliner repair

There is not a much difference between a Camaro headliner installation and any other car. The headliner board trim is removed or loosened and the headliner board is removed. Replacing the material is exactly the same as any other car; clean the board and replace the headliner. A small to mid sized kit works for this car -- a full sized kit will replace the headliner, visors and rear panels. A small to mid sized car headliner kit will do this car, click this link to go to the order page.

Remove or loosen the trim that holds the headliner around the edges and also anything that attaches through the headliner board.

Remove the screw that holds the hanger hook on the rear speaker panel and remove it (slide it up).

Remove the seat belt cover; it just unsnaps from the seat belt mechanism.

There are clips that hold the front; unclip them and let the board drop; then remove it from the car.

Remove the old material.

Scrape the board; with a soft bristled brush; such as a tire brush.

Reapply the material.

Trim the edges; and cut out the seat belt hole and make a cut along the split in the board to allow the seat belt to slide back in the seat belt hole in the headliner. The visors were recovered; and a chevy emblem was included in them (may be hard to see).

Recover the speaker panels.

And now "you can't tell the difference between what you did and when it was brand new".

1986 chevrolet camaro headliner installation, install guide for chevy camaro headliner


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