1989 Ford Bronco II headliner installation

This is a 1989 Ford Bronco 2 with a serious headliner sagging problem. This particular Bronco had an aftermarket manual popup sunroof installed in it, which made the job just a little harder than normal, but it still wasn't a very complicated job and didn't take a long time to get done. One thing to remember on this model is that the headliner boards are thin and usually somewhat brittle, a little extra care should be used when moving it around. The cherokee/explorer/S10 blazer kit will fit the Ford Bronco 11. The color of this headliner is 1805 canyon red.


Ford Bronco 11 sunroof Ford Bronco 11 sunroof control knob
This headliner; even though it was old; wasn't in terrible shape. Remove the visors, hangers, dome lights, and screws that hold the trim in place. On the Bronco 11 we just loosened the trim and the sides and slide the headliner board out from under it. In working with the sunroof, remove the control knob and control knob cover and that's about it.
Ford Bronco 11 sunroof opening Ford Bronco 11 headliner board
This particular sunroof had a rubber trim piece that trimmed off the edge of the headliner. We pulled the board from under it. The headliner board slides out the back gate of the Bronco 11. Once out, remove the material and scrape the old foam off the board.
Ford Bronco 11 cleaned headliner board Ford Bronco 11 recovered headliner board
This board was broken in several places (probably from installing the sunroof). We simply glued it back together, because it was made of styrofoam. This will hold good enough to apply the cloth to the board. Glued the headliner material on, trimmed off the excess, and it is good as new.
Ford Bronco 11 replaced headliner
Replaced headliner board!!!

1989 ford bronco II headliner installation, bronco II headliner repair


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