1989 Oldsmobile 98 headliner repair guide

1989 Oldsmobile 98 headliner installation instructions. The door post trim on the 98 takes some figuring out; but this vehicle isn't really that complicated when it comes to installing a headliner. It will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to install this headliner depending upon how handy someone is with their hands. A full size headliner kit will do this car; click this link to go to the order page.


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SAGGY Remove the visors, clothes hanger hooks, and consoles; this console has one screw that holds it up. Remove the screw and slide it forward. It has a wiring connecter that unplugs.
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The door post trim comes loose in sections; pry this piece on both sides loose at the top; it has metal clips that fasten to the car body. This piece clips together; pop it loose and remove it.
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The trim along the edge of the headliner is one piece from the rear of the car to the bottom of the dash at the front; pull it down and off. The rear panels have plastic plugs at the top and bottom; these are removed by pulling the panel away from the body.
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The headliner has some velcro in a few places that holds it to the top of the vehicle; wiggle it and the velcro will come loose and drop down. Remove the board through the passenger front door. (98% of all headliners are removed this way) Someone tried to reglue this old headliner -- not only won't it hold; it will harm the board when the headliner is replaced.
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Apply the material; either 1/2 at a time or 1/3 at a time -- whatever you are comfortable with. Fold the cloth over and glue it on the front and rear; trim the excess cloth off on the sides; and cut the holes for the visors, hangers, and console.
Slide the board back in and put everything back like it was -- and it is like new.

1989 oldsmobile 98 headliner repair guide, olds 98 headliner installation guide


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