1991 Chrysler 5th Avenue headliner repair guide

This is a 1991 Chrysler 5th Avenue that the headliner had turned loose. The 5th Avenue headliner installation is basically like any other automobile; except the trim is attached differently. There are no exposed screws on the trim around the headliner; because they are attached by metal clips from the backside. The color we used was 2187 charcoal blue.  A full size headliner kit will do this car; click this link to go to the order page.


Remove the trim that holds the headliner up.
If there is a front console; it is attached with screws under the light cover lens and at the front; ususally by the sunvisor support hangers.
The trim around the sides are attached with clips from the backside. (if you can't see screws; this is usually the way trim attaches)
Let the board drop free.
Remove the board through the front passenger side door.
Remove the cloth.
Clean the board with a softbristled brush -- (bathroom or tire cleaning brush). Clean any fiberglass board (yellow) with a soft bristled brush.
Replace the cloth with adhesive; starting in the center and working out to the ends (about a quarter at a time).
Fold the ends over the board and glue them; and trim the excess around the edges and cut the holes where needed.
Replace the board and the trim -- NEW HEADLINER.

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