1992 Buick Park Avenue headliner repair instructions

1992 Buick Park Avenue headliner installation instructions. The wiring harness that is stapled to the headliner board makes this headliner a little aggravating to install; but knowing what is up there makes it a little simpler. The pull handles and lighting are attached with plugs and knowing how to find these makes it simpler also.
A full size headliner kit will do this car; click this link to go to the order page.


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The headliner in this Park Avenue was beginning to sag. It had already came loose at the front and was drooping.
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When removing the sunvisor supports; you will find that there are no screws; they are attached with plastic plugs. To remove these; pry them up and out. The handles over the doors have the same type of plugs that attach them also.
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The headliner board has a wiring harness attached to it that comes up the driver side door post (with a connecter) -- to the console lights -- sunvisor lights -- & rear lights. All these have connectors; so disconnect them and leave the wiring harness in place. The big plastic cover seen here clipped over the console to hold it in place--remove it and the console will fall out. Another shot of the wiring harness.
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Same deal as all other headliners; remove the material, clean the board, and recover the headliner. Replace it back in the car; and it is as good as new.

1992 buick park avenue headiner installation and repair instruction guide


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