1994 Buick LeSabre headliner repair guide

The car in this headliner installation guide is a 1994 Buick LeSabre, it is relatively simple to remove, clean and replace the headliner board in the LeSabre - only 4 screws to remove, everything else was attached with clips, plugs and velcro. A lot of the automobiles today are made with less screws on the interiors, which makes for easier headliner installing.
The color we used for the 94 Buick LeSabre headliner was 2061 adriatic blue and the headliner kit used to replace this one is a full sized headliner kit. We reworked the rear quarter panels as well for this Buick LeSabre, if not doing the rear quarter panels, a small to mid sized headliner kit should work fine.

94 buick headliner sagging
This gives you a shot of the big old belly in the headliner of this 1994 Buick LeSabre car - wouldn't take much for this one to fall the rest of the way down!
rear quarter panels 94 lesabre
First things first, we removed the rear quarter panels first - there are 2 plastic plugs that attach the rear panels on most of GM's cars like this one. The simplest way to remove them is by using a long screwdriver to pry the plug out - they may not look like much, but they do the job well.
lesabre door post trim
This is a shot of the door post interior trim on the Buick Lesabre, once the pinch welt around the door openings are pulled loose, this door post trim will pop off - notice the plastic plug at the bottom, there is another at the top. At the center there is a velcro fastner - very simple to remove.
94 lesabre sunvisor wiring harness

The 94 Buick Lesabre has the double sunvisor with a lighted vanity mirror, remove the 2 screws that attach them and pull the wiring harness out through the hole to unplug it.
sunvisor support
This pic is to you the way the sunvisor support in the 94 Buick Lesabre is attached, it has a little plastic plug that wedges into the backside of the mount. It can be pryed up with a small screwdriver and taken out, then the support itself can be removed, most of the time, things aren't nearly as hard as they look.
front console light lesabre
The front light assembly pops right off, like a plastic lid comes off. It has a wiring harness that has to be unplugged also.
rear seat lights buick lesabre
This is one of the rear seat lights in the headliner of the 94 Buick Lesabre, (in the headliner over the rear seat). It also has a plastic plug that can be pryed up with a little screwdriver. Once the plug is removed, the light assembly can be easily removed.
headliner wiring harness
Once all the things that attaches through the headliner board of this Buick Lesabre is removed, the headliner board will drop down. There is a wiring harness on the top of the headliner board, we usually just pull it loose and let it hang out the drivers side door while we rework the headliner. Of course, you will need to put it back in place when you reinstall the headliner, tape will work fine.
removing buick lesabre headliner from car
When all the first steps are done, slide the front seats back as far as they will go and remove the headliner board from the car through the front passenger side door. Most all headliner boards can be removed from the car through the front passenger side door.
recovering headliner board buick lesabre
When the headliner board is out, you can work with it. Clean it with a softbristled brush (this one has the soft fiberglass headliner board), and replace the material, 1/2 at a time or either 1/3 at a time, which ever one works best for you skill level. Trim the excess, fold over and glue front and back and you're done.
new headliner
Once finished with the headliner, put it back in exactly like it came out, and it looks like brand new again.

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