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1998 Jaguar XJ8 headliner installation guide

The car in this headliner tutorial is a 1998 Jaguar XJ8 with sunroof. The headliner wasn't in too bad of shape, with the exception of a big sag in the rear of the car. The XJ8 Jaguar car headliner isn't really all that hard to replace; the most difficult part is removing the headliner board from the car. Unfortunately we didn't get a shot of the board being removed from the Jaguar XJ8, but it comes out through the rear drivers side door (with the drivers seat let all the way forward and the back of the seat let up as far as it will go). The headliner board will have to be bowed to remove it, at times you may think you will break it, but the Jaguar headliner boards are very resilient and will recover quite nicely when reinstalled. This headliner kit will fit the Jaguar XJ8. The color of this headliner is 2037 Light Neutral.

saggy jaguar headliner
You can see the sag in this pic at the rear of the headliner behind the sun roof opening. This Jaguar had a bad case of it !
jaguar visor
Remove the visor screws and this support on the opposite end of the visor. It has a phillips head screw holding it on (can be removed through the hole in the support as see here).
remove jaguar overhead console
To remove the overhead console in the headliner, flip the sunglass holder down and use a screwdriver to twist the plug you see in this picture.
jaguar overhead console electrical plug
There is only one electrical plug that needs to be disconnected in this Jaguar XJ8. Other Jaguar models may have more, but this one had only one.
jaguar grab handles headliner
To remove the pull handles (handles you grab when you get out of the car), pry the metal trim up and out at the end of the handle. It pops right out. The screw can be removed once the cap is taken off - it is a torx screw.
remove visor in jaguar
To remove the sun visors, take the 3 phillips head screws out, pull the visor down to expose the electrical plug - then unsnap it.
jaguar headliner trim
The headliner side trim in the Jaguar xj8 is attached with small plastic plugs. You can see the black plastic plugs in this picture. To remove them, give them a tug and they should come loose once you've removed the pull handles. It is only necessary to remove one of the rear panels, the other side of the headliner board can be slid from under the panel.
jaguar sunroof trim
Remove the pinch welt (trim for the sun roof opening) around the sun rood opening. This trims off the material around the sun roof opening of the Jaguar and helps to support the headliner board around the sun roof as well.
rear molding jaguar
This is a shot of the plastic pieces at the rear of the headliner board on the Jaguar XJ8, don't know exactly what they are for unless they help to support the headliner board at the rear; they have to be removed. A phillips head screw can be seen once the small plastic cover is pulled up.
headliner board jaguar .j8
When all the thing that attach through the board are removed; and everything that holds it in place is removed or loosened. Drop the board down and take it out through the rear driver side door. It has to be bowed somewhat (unless you remove the drivers seat) to get it out, but it will come out. Be careful not to break the spot between the sun roof opening and the console opening. When it's out, clean it and you are ready to recover it.
recovering the jaguar xj8 headliner board
Once the Jaguar XJ8 headliner board is cleaned, you can recover it. Place the material on the headliner board, and fold it back about half way the board - recover it about 1/4 at a time if possible. Take care to work the material into any indentions on the board that it should be flat in.
jaguar headliner board recovered
When you get it recovered, put the headliner back into the car, and reattach everything just like it came out. Cut the excess off from around the sunroof opening leaving just enough the catch with the pinch welt, and then put the pinch welt back into place.
headliner replaced jaguar xj8
When everything is back in place where it should be - it should look like it did when it was new. We used 3/16 standard headliner material on this Jaguar - worked great with the sunroof !


Most headlining XJ6/XJ8 replacement jobs that I have seen neglect to also recover the sunroof panels and overhead console. To do the job right these pieces must also be recovered to get a correct match...
"plastic pieces at the rear of the headliner board" :
to attach the sunvisor (rolled) of the rear window
I followed these directions and the headliner in my 99 VDP looks great? Professional results.
I have been doing headliners for 3 years and today I am in the proses of doing my first xj8 , Thanks by the way your the only one I could find that showed anything. I got it out and skinned it. I have a crease. I didn't know what you meant by "work it in". I think it with come out with time and when the weather gets hot again. Oh and I got the sunroof shades out without a problem , I had to lube up the rear one to get it out .
was as easy as you said!!
This is a great illustration! I was worried about getting it out of the car.
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