2000 Nissan Frontier headliner installation

The headliner in this 2000 Nissan Frontier extended cab truck had almost fell completely out of the truck. It was sagging badly, but it's not a big problem. It took us about 1 hour and a little bit of work to fix this Nissan Frontier headliner. The color we used for this Nissan Frontier headliner was 1891 gray. An extended cab truck headliner kit will work for the 2000 Nissan Frontier extended cab truck headliner.

2000 Nissan Frontier headliner The headliner cloth turned loose from the headliner board of this 2000 Nissan Frontier extended cab truck - the foam underneath had completely deteriorated. The Nissan Frontier headliner isn't too tough to tackle, even a novice should have no problem installing this headliner. The first thing to do is remove the sunvisors and hangers that support them.
nissan frontier headliner plastic plugs There are 5 plastic plugs [unless the truck has a grab handle on the passenger side] attached through the headliner that have to be removed, 2 on the passenger side and 3 along the back of the truck. The plastic plugs on the 2000 Nissan Frontier are easily removed with a small screwdriver
nissan frontier seat belt adjustment To make removing the Frontier headliner board easier - move the seat belt adjusters all the way to the bottom. Then you can pull the side trim loose and there will be enough room to slide the headliner board free without removing them completely from the truck.
nissan frontier interior light The interior light on this truck was made to swivel down so you could see in the back bed of the Nissan Frontier. To remove it, pull it down to expose the screws. There are 2 screws at the top and the bottom that have to be removed. Once these are removed, you can unplug the light and remove it completely. An extended cab truck headliner kit will work for the 2000 Nissan Frontier extended cab truck.
mazda rubber door trim The edge of the headliner is covered with the rubber door trim. It needs to re pulled loose to get the headliner board out of the car. Only pull down what needs to come down (don't remove it completely from the door, it's unnecessary).
door rubber nissan frontier truck The only trim that should be removed is the door rubber trim, simply pull it down to expose the edge of the headliner board of the Nissan Frontier. The front windshield molding needs only be "unsnapped" from the body [the first 2 or 3 clips], the rear plastic molding on both sides only needs to be "unsnapped" along the top. Once these are loosened, you can work the headliner board side to side and it should fall free.
This is a shot of the rear plastic trim, as stated in the previous step, it only needs to be unsnapped along the top, not removed [unless you just like to do extra work].
rear molding 2000 nissan frontier truck Once all this is done [previous steps], the headliner board should come loose and can be removed. It should easily come out through the passenger door.
cleaning headliner board nissan frontier Once it's out, pull the old material off, and clean the Frontier headliner board well [scraping old foam off] and it should be ready to cover. We used a regular old wire grill brush to clean the the Nissan Frontier headliner board - these headliner boards are tuff.
recovering nissan frontier headliner board Lay the headliner material on the nissan frontier headliner board, fold it back around the mid point and glue it to the board. Applying adhesive to both the foam side of the headliner material and the headliner board.
renewed headliner If the material is applied the right way, it should look like it did when it was new. Trim the holes out, cut out for the visors, plugs, etc. and it's ready to put back in the truck.
nissan frontier headliner replaced When all is done, slide the headliner board back in the truck and reattach every thing like it was, it should look good as new.

Removing and repairing the headliner in a 2000 Nissan Frontier pickup truck.


Just completed removal - directions and advice spot on. Thanks - this will save me a tin of money.
There may not be any sound deadening material above your headliner. You can glue some foam, or other sound deadening material directly to the metal roof and this should work for you.
Is there anything that goes between the headliner board and truck metal roof (insulation/foam). My truck has hollow, echo-like sound that is annoying. thanks
Thanks this was great help. I just ordered the repair kit.
easy and excellent directions to follow to get the job done
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