Got the GM truck armrest skins today, they fit and look great.
I have received the headliner material, and am very impressed and satisfied with the purchase. It was here before i had expected it, and i look forward to doing business with WLS Headliners in the future.
Thank you for excellent service and great price.
Hello: I just wanted to thank you all for the excellent job you did on my visors, and how well your instructions helped me replace the headliner in my 1984 Pontiac Parisienne. It looks awesome-!!
Thank you for choosing the matching headliner color from the sample I sent. Those round plastic retainers in center of the roof of the van came out easy with a little trick. You told me to try and pull out the small pin in the center. So I drilled a very small hole in the center of the pin and screw an eye screw into it and pulled it out with a plyers. The I wiggled the retainer and pulled it straight down. They all came out undamaged. I will put the pin in with the drilled hole going into the retainer so the small hole will not be seen. I took a couple of pictures of the retainer with the eye screw in it. If you will email me back I will send them to you. Thanks for you help and ideas.
I wanted to write you and tell you how much I appreciate your help in exchanging my headliner and getting me the correct one. I recieved it today and it looks great! It is so nice to find a retailer that acctually helps their customers, you have a made a customer and a person who will suggest your company for life. Thank you so much again.
Great Product; My son and I put in the headliner yesterday. The instructions that you sent were very clear and simple. We have never tried to do anything like this before but it looks great.
Thanks for a quality product at a reasonable price.My wife and I installed a headliner kit in my S-10 last weekend. With your instructions the job went very smoothly and looks like a professional job. Keep up the good work.
Hello; I just wanted to take the time to Thank You for your professional service and assistance with helping me purchase and install a new headliner in my daughters 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix. I have been involved in Automotive Technology since I was a young man. (Long Time Ago) I started as a tech, worked my way up to my own business, taught it in college and ended up a consultant for G.M. and Chrysler. About 15 years ago I changed my career and became a recruiter for High-Tech Institute. Never the less I know a well run organization when I see one and you folks definately have it together. The headliner came out perfect on my daughters car, thanks to you and your staff. I have joined your banner exchange and look forward to reccomending you company and its products to any and all of my numerous contacts in the automotive business. It is nice to see a small business that is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Thanks for everything.
I just ordered and replaced my headliner. Thanks! It was really easy to install and the color (sage) matched perfectly. I drove with a sagging headliner for several years. Wish I would have checked your site sooner. I just wanted to let you all know that I received the headliner material and adhesive and redid my headliner in about 2 hours yesterday. Everything looks great. Now my daughter wants me to do hers. I will be ordering the same color material (red) that I used in my car. She has a 89 -90 Buick Park Avenue. I will place the order later this week. Thanks for all of your help and I am glad to know that there is a company like your out there. A Trim shop wanted 4 times more money to do my headliner than what it took to do it myself. Again, thanks a lot.
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