Just wanted to thank you for your headliner product. The product arrived quickly, your color recommendation for my auto was a perfect match, the headliner was easy to install (great directions and photo review on your site). It would highly recommend your company to anyone in need of these products and would, happily order from you again.
Hello, I just recieved my headliner kit and felt I have to pass this on to you. I consider myself very handy with autos, and have always done my own work on them. When my headliner started falling, I started to call around to get it fixed. I got estimates from $75 to $125. I got your www address from google.com and I must tell you, from the "how to", to the fast shipping, and great instructions, I now have a brand new looking headliner. Just wanted you to know you have a very satisified customer in me, and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank-You!!!!
Ive received my order just fine and look forward to spending some time this weekend installing the new carpet and headliner. However, I wanted to take a minute to say that as a Georgia native, I try to order from Georgia companies. Sometimes, I wish I had gone with a larger, perhaps more reputable firm. However, this is not the case with WLS. I am very pleased with your service and your product, plus the fact that you offer online sales is outstanding. I know Georgia isnt on the cutting edge of technology, but I hope you guys keep up the great work. thank you!
My installation of your Headliner looks new and professionally done in my 88 Dodge Caravan. It took me about 6 hours. Its now been 3 weeks and its still hanging in there and looks great! My headliner installation has impressed quite a few people in my neighborhood, myself and my wife included! Chicks really dig cool new headliners! It took a while to determine the exact color due to color printer variations; perhaps a color vs. make/model/yr would help. Terrific product and wwweb instructions!
I just wanted to thank you for my replacement carpet for my cutlas ciera. It fit perfectly, and i couldnt have asked for a better job than you guys did.
Again, thank you.
Hi, I didnt have much difficulty removing and cleaning the old headliner, and I had it ready before I called and ordered the material from you. The material arrived on Thursday (2/8 - I think I ordered it the previous Saturday). I took it home that night and unrolled it, let it relax. I glued it to the board around 7am Friday morning and went to work. It took me about an hour and a half on Saturday to reinstall the headliner. It was really quite easy. The only "tough" part was finding someone to stich up my visors at a reasonable price. The directions you put up on the web were very straightforward and easy. The finished product looks great. So far, Ive compared my work with two "professionally installed" headliners. In both cases, my job was much better (this is not only my conclusion, but the conclusion of the other car owners). But that just goes to show that it is a lot easier to be careful with ones own car. Since I live in Texas, Im curious about how the headliner and glue will stand up in the summer heat. Ill email you again in six months or so if I have a problem!
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