2001 Chrysler T&C - Product came in 4-5 days UPS ground. I had gone to a local fabric store and found headliner material for $14.99/yd and thought I could save a few bucks. 3 yds and a couple of cans of glue would have been close to $80 with tax. But the glue was questionable and the fabric seemed a bit thick to get around all the compound curves, especially at the visor mounts.

I got the shell out and tore the wiring loose from the top. For the most part the pop-in panels came right out. Once I got the shell out of the back I stored it in the garage for a few weeks, just to let it age to perfection. Plus I really didn't want to do this job. Eventually I took the shell and put in on saw horses in the field and took a stiff wire brush and got most of the foam & glue crud off it. Then I took a small rotary wire brush and went over the entire thing. I got it back to civilization and took the remainder off with a shop vac.

With the clean shell on the horses facing up I draped the fabric over it then folded it back halfway. My son helped me with spraying both surfaces and then carefully smoothing out the fabric. The key word here is CAREFULLY. You're not in a race to do this. We smoothed by hand then went over it with a 3" paint roller. I overlapped the front edge and glued down about a 1" strip on the backside just for extra insurance.

Everything looked great so we proceeded to wedge the thing back into the van. We removed all the 2nd & 3rd row seats. We re ran the wiring to the appropriate holes and tried to put the thing back in. What a PIA!

All I can truthfully say is that you have to be patient. Wiggle, fit, and be CAREFUL!

A few tips: 1) Buy your headliner from WLS - the fabric is pliable and you do need 2 cans of the proper adhesive; 2) Disassemble CAREFULLY and save all the bits and pieces in a logical place; 3) A 13/16" spark plug socket will unbolt the all the seat belts - you need to do this; 4) One person can take it all apart but 2 people makes the glue down and reinstallation a whole lot easier; 5) Watch the youtube, etc., videos and then understand that they're sort of a guideline and most of what you're doing will be self-taught.

I have been casting about for a retirement business. Fixing headliners is not it.
I've installed cloth headliners and vinyl headliners. They are always a struggle when stretching to fit. This headliner is absolutely SIMPLE to install. It stretches without pulling wrinkles and I will be using WLS from now on!
I recently purchased a headliner for my 1948 plymouth . I took it to the upholstrey shop for installation and the headliner looks wonderful The shop that did the installation said your headliner was very well made and was easy to install Thank you for this great product.
best buying and customer service ever.Thank you so much .Ted
RE 2002 Tahoe headliner removal.
Absolutely the best help available on the internet. Thank you.
Received our fabric and sun visors. Material was exactly what we wanted. Looks great. Will use your company again if doing another project. Thanks, Gary
The customer service and workmanship with which WLS Headliners put forward are unbelievable. The visors which we had repaired are 30 years old. When they received them, a lady from WLS called and suggested a color other than I selected. They came back beautiful, beautifully wrapped as well. The color is perfect. I cannot say enough about them. Thank you so much WLS! You've made us very happy.
thank you so much Mrs Lera, Because of your excellent customer service we will recommend your company to anyone who asks.
Thanks So Much
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Hello, I received my headliner and windlace (47 Chevy Fleetline coupe) today, looks great ,,,,THANKS VERY MUCH, have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year PS thanks for the extra material Marvin :) :)
The Customer Service from WLS was exceptional! I decided to avoid the $400-700.00 quotes from interior shops and replace the headliner in my '97 Jeep XJ Cherokee myself. The WLS kit with an extra can of adhesive was perfect. Included with the headliner were two push-on retainer nuts, that are difficult to find. Nice touch to include them. Watched the install video's, read the great directions, and had the job done in a day (first time doing a headliner). Total cost for materials was about $115.00 Including shipping. The new headliner looks great. Thanks!
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