I was very hesitant to take on the project myself. The simple size and manouvering the backing board in and out of my Cadillac Brougham was the greatest conver The results were great!
I had a 2004 Mustang convertible in which the visors had become so discolored from the hot Texas sun. I sent them to WLS and a week later came bck looking great! Best $75 (after shipping!) I've spent on the car. Thanks WLS!
Thanks for all the help on matching the color and getting the proper material out so soon. Also for the install guide you happened to have for my particular model. It saved much time in showing exactly how to remove all the trim, handholds, etc.
I do have 1 comment. I had gone to a local auto parts store and gotten a can of 3M General Trim adhesive #08088 when I thought I might be able to tack up the original sagging headliner, before I did much research. I would never suggest anyone try that. If it's sagging, the foam must be crumbling and a fix of the original is a waste of time compare to the extra cost ($40 or so) of getting new material and doing it correctly. Anyhow, I used the DAP that came with the kit, planning to return the can of 3M I got locally. I ran out of the DAP and still had to adhere the small strip of foldover along the back of the headliner, so I broke out the can of 3M. It had a fan outlet attached to the nozzle and 3 (low, medium, and high) spray settings, unlike the DAP's standard nozzle. The 3M gave a much more uniform and contolled spray. In fact, on a few spots on the headliner, have a few darker spots caused by, I think, a little bleed through of the adhesive, probably because the adhesive was applied a little heavily there. I see the 3M high tack you sell has the 3 settings and if it also has the fan type nozzle, I would certainly recommend it over the DAP for the few extra dollars to prevent this problem, especially for a first-timer.
Thank you! I just installed my new headliner today in my 2003 Mazda 6. Instructions were great, product was great, looks like a new car.
Just wanted to say that the sunvisors look great! Also my daughter and I glued down the headliner this weekend and it looks good. Your instructions were excellent.

I am telling my friends about you guys in case they need to do the same thing.

Rusty Shaw
Senior Vice President
I received the 37 Chevy headliner today; it looks nice.
Many thanks from me, Best regards, Stefan (from Sweden)
The kit was exactly what I needed and the installation was as easy as advertised. It did take me longer than an hour because I had to repair the fiberglass mold and it took the resin 2 hours to set solid. Thank you so very much.
You need to be congratulated!
Well, I finally got around to rebuilding my 1991 F150 truck seats. The factory replacement seat covers that you supplied worked out fantastic! The fit and finish were top notch and the quality of the overall product was more than I have come to expect from aftermarket products. You attention to detail and use of high quality materials was an unexpected bonus. In this day and time of poor materials, improper fit and lousy quality control, your product has given me hope that there are still quality products available and made in the USA! Your company is one that I will highly recommend to anyone looking for automotive interior products. Thanks for restoring my faith in America and our ability to produce great products!
I wanted to let you know that the headliner replacement for my '94 Cutlas went extremely well. The color was a perfect match to the factory interior. Your instruction and tips were quite valuable as this was my first attempt on such a job. Maybe you could add some of the factory style assembly hardware to your catalog.
Thanks for a first class product!
I just want to send a special THANKS to the person that did such a great job on my two sun visors for my 1995 Ford Thunderbird. Please tell the person that did the stitching they did a great job and you kept the mirrors in perfect shape! I really had trouble finding you guys on the internet and just got lucky as none of the shops I spoke with referred me to you all. A place down in Tampa referred to a place in California!! You might want to put a large ad (Half Page)in the restorive Auto Magazines for old cars and make it eye catching with some hot chick holding the product.....Your web site is great....Also you might do a mail out to all the body shops that restore cars......with a magnet to stick on their filing cabinet for a call number for visors and headliners!
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