How does headliner material mould itself into the valleys, dips and rounded corners?

Hi, Can you explain how the headliner material moulds itself into the "valleys" and "dips ",rounded corners etc. with out bunching up? Thanks, Chris

The headliner material is a flat piece of material, knitted polyester with a thin layer of foam on the backside. This is what makes headliner material. It doesn't mould itself to the headliner board, the installer moulds it to the headliner board. Headliner material is very stretchy due to it's construction, therefore making it easily mouldable. However it does take some "working" to make it mould to the headliner board; for instance, if you have a hole in the headliner board (say for a handle or light), you would need to push the headliner material into the hole and glue it down first, then glue it down around the hole. If you glue it down flat first, there may not be enough stretch in the material for it to go into the hole. It has to be "worked" into the valleys, dips and the like.


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