How to install headliner 1989 bonneville pontiac?

How to install headliner 1989 bonneville pontiac?

There are 2 ways to install a Bonneville headliner:

  1. You can install the headliner in the automobile like we did this one.
  2. You can remove the board from the automobile. To remove the board there are some things that may help to know. The headliner trim over the windows and around the door opening are U shaped pieces of plastic. These are held in place by a "plastic fin" on the molding and a "metal clip" on the car that the fins fit in. They must be pryed off (sometimes; sometimes a firm pull down will get them off). The front posts have a piece of trim on them that are attached with 2 plastic clips much like the one shown below.
trim clip

Once the front post trim pieces are removed; the headliner will come down. There is velcro at the front and rear that holds it in place (and also many times in the center if no dome light is installed).


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