I am repairing my headliner for the second time, the first time I tore the headliner board.

I am repairing my headliner for the second time. The first time I tore some large areas of the fiber board. This made the repair job look bad. This time I would like to repair the board so it looks flat not rutted where the missing areas are. What do I use to fill in the this area??

The cloth can be floated (not glued to the board) over the area if it is not to large (approx. the size of your hand) and the results will be satisfactory to you. If the area is large; then you put a little tension of the headliner material (pull on it slightly to make it tight) and spot tack it around the damaged area; so you won't have to glue it to the entire lumpy area.

This will keep it from being so lumpy; but to actually putting something on the fiberglass board itself to fill it in is a tough task and we have found no good or easy way to do that. Lastly -- 2 layers of headliner cloth will sometimes work well; being that there is 1/2 inch of foam instead of 1/4 inch. To do this; just recover the headliner 2 times.


You may want to try and find an upholstery shop/trim shop. If you can't find one, go by a body shop, they should be able to tell you where to get your headliner replaced in St. Louis.
Where do you go to get the headliner replaced, St.Louis MO
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