I have a 1989 Celebrity, need to replace the headliner. Can I use normal fabric instead of headliner?

I want to replace my headliner with another fabric. Is there any way to use normal fabric instead of actual headliner fabric. I have an '89 Celebrity, and want to use Royal Blue Satin.

You can use any type of material you want to recover the headliner in your 89 Celebrity; but make sure that it is easy to work with (moldable and pliable, stretchy) like the auto headliner material. We have used a variety of different types of material on auto headliners, none are as easy to work with as the original headliner material, and none of them look as quite as good as the regular headliner material. But if you want to use something else, you can put a little bit 'o work in it and some time and it should come out looking alright!

A small to mid sized car headliner kit will fit the 89 Chevrolet Celebrity.


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