The color offered for my 98 Jag headliner is not what the factory color is. Color code is SDZ-Cashmere

The color offered for my 98 Jag is not what the factory color is. Color code is SDZ-Cashmere, not Doeskin which seems to be the closest. The problem is that I am not recovering the sunroof and I am afraid the color difference will be very obvious. What to you offer as a solution? Also, I was thinking of ordering the 3M adhesive instead of what you include with your Jaguar Kit. Is the 3 M worth the difference & is there a difference. If so, why do you offer the other brand? Also, I was going to order 2 cans of adhesive to be sure I did not run out mid-project. Do you really think it necessary? Thanks, Jim


The color 2037 light neutral would be the color match we have for the cashmere headliner color that comes in the Jaguar cars. Below is an image of the color we we recommend for the Cashmere color. When it comes to the new headliner not matching the old - it will almost be impossible to get an exact match for more reasons than I can mention - but one really sticks out :: everything fades or changes with time. If you get real close, that is about as good as you can get.

You can find a kit for the Jaguar cars by clicking this link.


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