The Saturns have a formed fiberglass headliner with the cloth glued to it, his stuff breaks up very easy.

The Saturns, at least the one I have, have some sort of a formed fiberglass headliner with the cloth glued to it. This stuff breaks up very easy. What can be done about repairing, or replace this type of material?

This kind of headliner boards seem to be very fragile, but Saturn knows they will do the job. The best solution is to prevent damaging the board upon removal, the best you can; (handle it very delicately but firmly). If it does get damaged; such as a small hole; float the material over it. If it seems to be coming apart; try not to disturb any more of the smooth surface than you have to; because the smoothness of the headliner is based on how smooth the headliner board remains. If a piece breaks off; tape it in place on the backside to hold it; and when the material is glued back on to the board; it will hold it in place (remember it supports nothing but the headliner material -- not much need for a real strong board). They seldom break; but if they do; look for a new board.

This headliner kit will fit most of the Saturns.


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