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What is the visor option?

The visor option on the page is for those people who want to send their existing sun visors to us for recovering (remanufacturing). We have experienced craftsmen who can recover your existing sun visors and make them look like new again. When your sun visors are recovered in the same material as your headliner, it gives you a headliner job; and it just looks so much nicer inside your car or truck. If you decide to go with the visor option, you are responsible for shipping the visors to us, the shopping cart price will include shipping back to you. Below you can see a few of the 1000's of sun visors we have recovered over the past 25 years.

If you choose the visor option, we will wait for your visors to arrive - recover them and send the headliner and visors back together in one package. We do not ship the headliner until we receive your sun visors.

What visor type do you have...  unlighted visors are visors that do not have a lighted mirror in them (they may have a mirror in them but it is unlighted. Lighted visors are those that have a lighted mirror in them (even if it is only on one side). Double visors are visors that have an extra "headliner covered" addon small visor on top of the regular sun visors (in other words, there are 2 visors or double visors on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle).

The address you need to send the sun visors to is....
WLS Headliners
36 Talmadge Dyal Road
Hazlehurst, GA 31539

You can see more visors we have recovered at this page.

recovered lighted visors

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