I have a 1985 Cadillac Brougham and the headliner is sagging

I have a 1985 Cad. Brougham and the headliner is sagging, someone told me that it has cardboard under the fabric , is this true and if so where can i purchase it, I have not been fortunate in finding any thing on line. The gentleman also told me I would have to take the windshield out to replace is is this also true??? Thanks

The information you got was correct about your Caddy having a hard board under the material. It may not be cardboard, it may be a hard styrofoam headliner board. It is molded to the shape of the roofline of your car and supports the material.

To find a headliner board for a car this old could be a problem, but the best place to check is a junkyard or as some people call them, a salvadge yard. You may just luck up and find one for this old a car, but the search will take a little time. Once you get another headliner board, apply new material and put it in the car. YOU WON'T HAVE TO TAKE THE WINDSHIELD OUT OF THE CAR. It can be replaced without removing any of the glasses in the car. You can take a look at this headliner installation on this Cadillac Fleetwood, no glasses were removed.


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