General headliner questions

Questions in general from our customers about sagging auto headliners. We have tried to answer the questions to the best of our ability; hopefully these questions and answers will help you repair your auto headliner.

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  1. I have a dodge ram with the liner falling down around the edges the previous owner tryed to glue it back
  2. How do I remove the headliner from a '84 S10 Blazer to replace the cloth?
  3. I replaced the headliner on my 95 Ford Ranger and it looked good. A few days later the material started dropping. .
  4. 81 Silverado p/u. I have tried to reglue the liner; no foam remaining on factory material.
  5. I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee and its head liner is sagging here and there, how can I fix this without buying a whole new head liner.
  6. My 1992 Ford Escort LX 2 door hatchback is losing the headliner battle
  7. Why makes the headliners in auto's drop down so bad?
  8. Can I glue the old material back up on my sagging headliner?
  9. How many ways are there to fix a sagging car or truck headliner?
  10. My 1982 Montecarlo headliner is sagging through out, do I need to replace the foam
  11. On your website you list only one measurement for the headliner kits Is there a standard width
  12. How do you fix the liner on your sunvisors. Do you just use the same cloth
  13. I have A 1996 Dodge Ram EXT. cab. I am looking to use A different material than Headliner material
  14. I have a 1987 chevy caprice that has no headliner or board can i buy a new board for it?
  15. I have a 91 Buick Skylark with a sagging headliner.
  16. What can I do to repair my headliner instead of replacing it?
  17. My headliner is beginning to deteriorate by the rear window.
  18. I've had some experience with sagging headliners in the past with not much success, but one question I've always wanted to ask?
  19. how could i repair a dime sized burn hole in my jeep compass cloth headliner?
  20. I want to use a cloth material I found in a material store. Can I just use and install that like I would with the normal headliner material?
  21. One question before I start... 2002 F-150. Headboard is not a "board", it's green poly-styrene.
  22. How do I remove the foam from old headliner that is still on when I remove old material?
  23. I have a 1985 Cadillac Brougham and the headliner is sagging..
  24. I recently replaced a headliner that was foam-backed. I used an aerosol product made by permatex.
  25. Is there anywhere on the vehicle that will tell me the exact color of the headliner?
  26. What material are your headliners made of?
  27. If I use a different fabric than headliner fabric how would I go about installing it?
  28. Do you have general directions on how to specifically apply adhesive and recover a headliner?
  29. 2002 F-150 Super Cab headliner: The pockets the the clothes hooks are very deep: suggestions for working headliner material.
  30. What holds the dome light an automobile?
  31. How do the retainer clips come off without breaking them?
  32. I have a '98 Nissan Frontier standard 2dr pickup truck. The headliner has started drooping..
  33. I have a 92 Dodge Dakota Ext cab 2wd. Which headliner kit do you recommend for this model
  34. I can not tell which color of headliner material to order, I have a 91 Audi 100 with Grey Leather seats.
  35. I just removed the headliner from my 96 Extended cab Dodge Ram - it exposed a foam like material.
  36. I have a 1992 Chevy 1/2 ton ext cab p/u. I am needing headliner material and not sure what shade will match.
  37. My s40 volvo is missing the clip in the headliner just above the back window.
  38. I have an 89 Olds Toronado Trofeo. The headliner was sagging so I..
  39. I have an 89 BMW 735il with gray interior. two questions, which headliner color will match?
  40. How do you take the headliner out of an 2002 nissan xterra?
  41. We have a 96 neon with a sunroof, how do we go about replacing the headliner?
  42. I have a 2001 f250 super duty super cab and I was wondering if the headliner from a 1999 f150 super cab are the same?
  43. We just bought a 1977 Ford F150 that only has part of the headliner board.
  44. I have a 2007 Audi a4. The headliner is frayed along the drivers-side door edge.
  45. The Opal fabric you used in your 1994 Jeep Cherokee headliner install example, is that gray?
  46. Does the adhesive need to be applied to both the board and the fabric or just one surface?
  47. I have a 1991 ford f350 crew cab 4WD, the front corners broke. How do you fix the cardboard backing?
  48. Glue doesn't work on my 2006 Mercury Mountaineer headliner

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