If I use a different fabric than headliner fabric how would I go about installing it?

If I use a different fabric than headliner fabric how would I go about installing it? Do I apply it over my original headliner if it is still in good shape? Do I attach it to the old headline with adhesive or some kind of fusable bonding material? PLEASE HELP!!!!

If you are going to recover your headliner with something other than lightweight headliner material; you are going to have problems in the long run. If it's lightweight, it may not give you any trouble, but if it is a heavier material (like vinyl for instance); you will have to put it up every so often. We have used many things, but they just won't stay up there like the lightweight headliner fabric; just too heavy; I suppose.

If you are going to do it though; the best way to do it is to install over the cloth already on the board. Trying to remove it will be next to impossible without damaging the board. The best method of attaching it to the headliner is a good, high temp spray adhesive that will endure the heat and still provide a strong bond for "as long as the two shall be joined together." The highest quality spray adhesive we have found is the 3M 76 high tack; which should not be confused with the super 77 bought down at the local store. The high tack 76 is more expensive; but it could save you some headaches in the future.


going over an exhisting headliner is not as safe as removing the old material, yes it can work, but that is asking the original glue to hold up 2 pieces of fabric, it depends on how big of spans it has without a light or pull handle to help hold it up. There are many videos showing how to do this and all the professionals doing videos remove the older fabric first.up to you
Is great this info. But i have a problem with my corolla 1987,with the trim headline because i do not find #63391 12040 03 are the part # can somebody help hectorlopezapc@gmail.com
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