Removing, recovering, and replacing the headliner board in a Dodge Caravan minivan.
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This is a Dodge Caravan (minivan) with a saggy headliner. We used these four simple steps and a headliner kit to fix the problem and make the headliner look like new.
A minivan headliner kit will do this vehicle, click this link to go to the order page.
Step 1
Remove the visors, dome light, clothes hangers, or anything else attached through headliner.
Step 1
Remove the cloth and clean the board with a brush (I prefer softbristled brush).
Step 2
You may even want to use a portable good.
Step 2
The board should be free from old foam.
Step 3
Glue the headliner cloth to the board. Spray both cloth and headliner board. I glued a small section in the middle first (about 12" wide).
Step 4
When the cloth is glued to the board...trim the excess (leave about 1 inch) and tuck under trim. LOOKS LIKE NEW!
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